Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ornate Snow White Handkerchief Prints

Snow White handkerchiefs with detailed patterns.

Large 20" x 20" hanky with a colorful repeating graphic of Snow White and six dwarfs. Bashful and Sneezy alternate at middle of group. Forest animals fill out the center. "W.D. Ent." imprint. Dates from 1938.

Images via Hake's.

Snow White dancing with dwarfs, repeating pattern. Measures 9.5" x 9.5". No copyright markings. Possibly issued at a later date.

Images via RiverCityJAC.

1938 silk scarf print from the French textile house Colcombet.

Images via deb196603.

1939 Sun Cardinal Program

Southwestern Sun Cardinal--a program for the Sun Bowl from January 2, 1939. Cover features rare Snow White artwork with the dwarfs depicted as members of a college football team. The game between Utah v New Mexico took place in El Paso, Texas.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

1987 Snow White Lobby Cards from the United Kingdom

A set of eight 1987 Snow White front-of-house cards from the United Kingdom. Each contains the 50th anniversary logo. "Released by The Walt Disney Company Ltd. through U.K. Film Distributors Ltd."

Image scans courtesy of Greg Philip of A Lost Film.

50th Anniversary Photobusta Set from Italy

The Italian photobusta (fotobusta) is similar to the US lobby card, yet it's printed on thinner glossy paper and tends to be much larger (from slightly bigger up to nearly the size of a US one-sheet). They almost always come in sets of eight but this too can vary. SOURCE: EMOVIEPOSTER.COM

Set of eight Snow White photobustas from the 1987 fiftieth anniversary. Each measures 18" x 26". Distributed in Italy by United International Pictures.

Images via Heritage.

See lots more Snow White movie posters from Italy in an earlier Archive entry.

1957 Snow White Operetta Script

A rare three-act operetta script (libretto) from 1957, officially licensed by Disney. Adapted from the Snow White motion picture by Norma Wilkerson. It was published for use by drama departments in junior high schools. No music is included however, only the character lines. Photos from the movie appear in back of the book.

To obtain the songs, readers are directed to purchase the record albums that were available in stores at the time.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Wonder Bread "Crazy License Plates"

In addition to the Crazy College Pennants seen in the previous post, Wonder Bread also issued a series of Disney-themed stickers called Crazy License Plates, circa mid-1970s. They came two per sheet inside specially marked loaves; 50 stickers in all, one for each state. Back sides are blank. Individual sticker size is approximately 2.875" x 1.125" tall. Fits in the palm of your hand.

According Jim Moini on his Crazy License Plate page, the colors of the stickers are each fairly accurate to the actual colors used on the state license plates in 1976.

Nine in the series are Snow White-themed.

A fold-out poster of the United States was available with spaces for all 50 stickers to be applied. It also had games and puzzles on it for kids to enjoy. Open dimensions: 22.5" x 25.5". No copyright date is included.

Special thanks to Steve Garner of the Disney License Plate Catalog for sharing the images of the individual Snow White sticker sheets as well as the give-away poster.

Here's the complete set...

Complete set images via Bubble Gum Cards.

Wonder Bread "Crazy College Pennants"

In the mid-1970s, Wonder Bread ran a Crazy College Pennant promotional campaign, offering a series of 25 Disney-themed stickers in the shape of school sports pennants. Approximately 3" in length, the stickers could be found inside specially marked loafs of bread, one per package.

Number 11 in the collection was Dopey--pictured on an Ohio State pennant.

The rest of the collection...

Pennant images via johnjefprks.

Also available was a fold-out poster on which the stickers could be applied. It has a © date of 1975.