Monday, May 8, 2017

1937 Snow White Pencil Sets by Dixon

In 1937, Dixon issued several different Snow White pencil boxes. Each is made of stiff paperboard with a heavy textured "leatherette-like" covering that includes various Snow White lithographed graphics. The lid flap has a metal snap closure. Some boxes have also been seen with a carrying handle. Inside are dividers and a pull-out drawer. The interior paper covering has repeated photos of Disney Seiberling rubber figures. The boxes would have originally come with pencils, crayons, an erasure, ruler, etc. Typical size: approximately 8.5" x 4.5" x 1.25 deep. "©1937 Walt Disney Ent."

Box no. 3918. Top graphic: Snow White and the dwarfs poke their heads up from behind a wooden fence. Bottom: dwarfs' cottage. Color: green and aqua.

Images via weissauctions.

A box with a similarly designed interior was listed in a 1938 wholesale catalog from the N. Shure Co. of Chicago. The outside graphic is entirely different with Snow White standing with arms raised to her side. Price per dozen: 90¢.

Catalog images via gdawg.

No. 3920. Top: Snow White and Prince are pictured a swan boat from the deleted dream sequence. Bottom: Singing dwarfs--Happy, Sneezy, Dopey, Doc. Color: pink, light blue, and aqua.

No. 3920. Same graphics as above but darker blue color tone on both sides..

Images via Hake's.

Another design with Snow White looking down to Prince from balcony. The box came in assorted colors. Wholesale price: $1.95/dozen.

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