Saturday, April 30, 2016

Snow White's Scary Adventures Windows

Here's a set of stained glass lattice windows from the former Snow White's Scary Adventures ride at Walt Disney World. They probably date from before the attraction underwent its 1994 renovation.

The glass measures 11.5" x 36" and is housed in the original sturdy wood sashes, approximately 16" x 43". They look just as they did when removed from the theme park.

Image via Profiles of History.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Seiko (SII) Snow White Wristwatches

In the 1990s, Seiko Instruments International (SII) produced an array of Disney character watches, including a few Snow White examples. The "Since 1928" series was quite popular. With retro artwork and vintage detailing, the timepieces are still favorites with some collectors.

Women's Snow White portrait watch (model no. MU1240). Features the movie poster artwork of Gustaf Tenggren. Stainless steel case, silver tone bezel. Diameter approximately 1.375" (34.9 mm) Red synthetic leather band with illustrated Seven Dwarfs on inner side; length 9" (228.6 mm).

Paperboard "Since 1928" gift box.

The watch was also available in a metal gift tin.

Images via lbab0921 and others.

Here's a comparison of the "1928" series Snow White watch with the Cinderella and Tinkerbell pieces.


"OH", a kid's Seiko Snow White with the retro look of the "1928" series (model no. MC0370). Stainless steel case, silver tone, 1.2" (31 mm). Illustrated synthetic leather band, 8" (203 mm). Sold in a Walt Disney Comics tin box featuring Alice on the lid.


An Evil Queen watch in an identical Alice tin.

Images via turkey68hhs.


Ladies' rectangular Happy watch (model no. MC0458). Stainless steel case, silver tone. Blue leather band with flower stitches. Came with gift tin.

Images via ToonTime.


Ladies' Dopey Watch (model no. MU1019). Stainless steel case. Silver tone. Black band.

Images via sully100.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

1951/1968 Snow White Sticker Albums - International Reissues

The sticker album published in Italy by Edizioni Lampo (previous post) was also issued in several other countries and languages. They contain the same 240 numbered spaces and the card scenes are identical, although the coloring varies slightly.

Published in Brazil by Casa Editora Vecchi - Rio de Janeiro, 1951. Same cover art as the Italian edition but with Portuguese text.


1951 release in France by Eclair of Paris. Different cover illustrations. Plus the drawing that was used for the Italian back cover is found here on the title page. The book is slightly smaller than the other editions at 31 x 22cm. All subsequent reissues in other countries would be this size.

The album price on the back cover reads 60 francs.

The cards (vignettes) that came with the album are pictured here still in their original packages.


A 1968 album was issued in Germany. Same cover illustration as the Italian version from that year. Published by Sicker Verlag GMBH ("Incorporated"), Frankfurt/Main.

On the last page is a biography of Walt Disney and it includes the date of his passing--December 12, 1966.

The album cost one Deutsche Mark, but this copy is marked freiexemplar, meaning that it was free for some reason.

An example of the card back.

Special thanks to collector Nunziante Valoroso and Greg Philip of A Lost Film for the image scans and information.

Several different versions of this sticker album were also issued in Spain (seen in another Archive entry).

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

1951 Edizioni Lampo Sticker Album - Italy

Published in 1951 by Italian publisher Edizioni Lampo, this Biancaneve e i sette nani "sticker" album contains 240 numbered spaces for the collectible multicolored cards (figurines) that were produced in this series. The cards were not self-adhesive and so a glue would be needed to apply them to the book. A total of 36 pages (including covers). Album size 24 x 33.8cm; card sizes 7.3 x 5.3cm.

Front cover art by Corbella.

1951 album images via Museo Virtuale della Figurina.

Page 3 illustrated by Luigi Giobbe.










34 (page 35 is blank)

Back cover...

Original sticker envelopes from 1951 and 1962.


In 1962, it was reissued by Edizioni Lampo in Italy. It had a new cover illustration--the movie poster art of Bruno Napoli. Slightly smaller dimensions at 31 x 22cm. Then 1968 saw another modification to the Italian cover. Snow White and the Prince now looked more like Disneyland cast members than animated characters. The publisher "Edizioni Lampo" had changed their name to "Editrice Moderna". They would continue to print Disney stickers albums up until 1977 when Panini entered the field.

Special thanks to Nunziante Valoroso for supplying valuable information and additional images for this post.

The sticker album and cards were issued in other countries too. See some examples in the next Archive entry.