Friday, April 8, 2016

1960s Regina Confections Disney Trading Cards

In the early 1960s, Regina Confections Ltd. of New Zealand produced the Disney Bar, a chocolate covered pineapple-flavored chew-bar. Inside each package were two Disney character trading cards. A total of 33 cards in all. Full color illustration on the face side, text on the back. Measure approximately 3.5" x 2.5" (9.5 x 6.5cm). Issued in both New Zealand and Australia. Snow White and the dwarfs were included in the series.

Snow White Card No. 11; Grumpy Card No. 13.

Original wrapper.

Wrapper images via scanlens museum.

Dopey No. 12.

Note that no copyright date is listed on the back of this card.

Yet, some cards have been found, such as this Ludwig Van Drake, with a 1961 imprint.

Doc No. 14.

Happy No. 15.

Bashful No. 16.

Sleepy No. 17.

Sneezy No. 18.

Special thanks to Cheryl Ridge for sharing the Seven Dwarfs card images and information from her collection.

A few others in the collection.

The complete set list from Jeff Alexander's House of Checklists:
1. Ludvig Von Drake, 2. Mickey Mouse, 3. Donald Duck, 4. Pluto, 5. Goofy, 6. Minnie Mouse, 7. Happy, 8. Daisy Duck, 9. Huey Dewey, 10. Louie, 11. Snow White, 12. Dopey, 13. Grumpy, 14. Doc, 15. Happy, 16. Bashful, 17. Sleepy, 18. Sneezy, 19. Dumbo, 20. Pinocchio, 21. Jiminy Cricket, 22. Figaro, 23. Monstro, 24. Casey Jr., 25. Cinderella, 26. Gus, 27. Jac, 28. Bambi, 29. Flower, 30. Thumper,  31. Wart, 32. Archimedes, 33. Merlin.

Around the same time period, a similar set of 24 cards--using the identical illustrations--was issued in Australia inside packets of GFC Carnival Candy Corn.


  1. Chocolate covered pineapple, eh? Hmmm, not sure about that combo! My collector brain has a thing for sets of things (like the Donruss bubblegum cards). Thanks for the link to the House of Checklists, that should be fun to look at.

    1. You bet Major. Jeff Alexander's Checklist site has a bunch of good info on old card sets.