Thursday, April 28, 2016

Seiko (SII) Snow White Wristwatches

In the 1990s, Seiko Instruments International (SII) produced an array of Disney character watches, including a few Snow White examples. The "Since 1928" series was quite popular. With retro artwork and vintage detailing, the timepieces are still favorites with some collectors.

Women's Snow White portrait watch (model no. MU1240). Features the movie poster artwork of Gustaf Tenggren. Stainless steel case, silver tone bezel. Diameter approximately 1.375" (34.9 mm) Red synthetic leather band with illustrated Seven Dwarfs on inner side; length 9" (228.6 mm).

Paperboard "Since 1928" gift box.

The watch was also available in a metal gift tin.

Images via lbab0921 and others.

Here's a comparison of the "1928" series Snow White watch with the Cinderella and Tinkerbell pieces.


"OH", a kid's Seiko Snow White with the retro look of the "1928" series (model no. MC0370). Stainless steel case, silver tone, 1.2" (31 mm). Illustrated synthetic leather band, 8" (203 mm). Sold in a Walt Disney Comics tin box featuring Alice on the lid.


An Evil Queen watch in an identical Alice tin.

Images via turkey68hhs.


Ladies' rectangular Happy watch (model no. MC0458). Stainless steel case, silver tone. Blue leather band with flower stitches. Came with gift tin.

Images via ToonTime.


Ladies' Dopey Watch (model no. MU1019). Stainless steel case. Silver tone. Black band.

Images via sully100.

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