Friday, May 31, 2013

1980 Whitman Snow White Board Game

Walt Disney's Snow White Game With Special Magic Mirror. Licensed by Walt Disney Productions. Manufactured by Whitman. Dates from 1980. For 2 to 4 players, ages 7 and up. Be the first to make it around the board to wake Snow White from her sleep.

Contents: game board, a die-cut spinner, two player pieces (Snow and Prince), a rectangular 'Magic Mirror' label to place on the game board, and 14 Magic Mirror cards printed in reverse to be read in the mirror reflection. Also includes 12 one-sided round discs--3 Wicked Witch, 9 Poisoned Apple. Plus rules pamphlet.

Nice clean illustrations laid out on the board.

Board images courtesy of calsidyrose.

Some printings of the game had a Whitman logo at the lower right corner of the box cover, others did not.

Additional info and images courtesy of The Raymond Collection.

Back of box.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dopey & Grumpy Keyrings

In August 2012, these soft toy keyrings were seen online at both the UK and France Disney Stores. A metal ring with clip fastener is attached to the fleecy finish dwarf heads. Dopey and Grumpy each measure approximately 10 x 16cm and include a small zip-up compartment. Retail £5.00/8,00 €. Sold separately.

Item No. 412152566936P.

Item No. 412152567681P.
Stock images copyright UK/France Disney Store.

Seven Dwarfs "Aaah-Choo" Online Game

Following a link on the Disney website to the current official Snow White DisneyPrincess page, we can find our way to the Aaah-Choo game for kids.

You play as one of the Seven Dwarfs. The goal is to rescue Sneezy from his sneezing fits in the shortest amount of time, with the most accumulated points. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, make your way across each level, picking up points and invincibility. Be sure to avoid obstacles which block your way, Sneezy's 'sneeze balls' that lose you points, and flying objects--which knock your dwarf out of the game.

Select a dwarf and begin.

Level 1 - The Dwarfs' Forest

Sneeze ball alert!

Sneezy waits for you at the end of each level.

Level 2 - The Queen's Dungeon + Laboratory

Flying objects include spell books, magic mirrors, poison apples, poison vials, and more. If your dwarf gets hit, he's sent for a tumble and another one shows up to take his place. If all six dwarfs get hit, the game is over.

Level 3 - The Dark Forest

We get a cool scary forest backdrop as the game's degree of difficulty increases. Watch out for that "log croc" obstacle!

Level 4 - Dwarfs' Mine

Level 5 - Dwarfs' Cottage

Things really start to pick up as just about anything not tied down will be flying at you, including pick axes, shovels, bowls and brooms.

If you make it through all five levels, then "you've saved the forest and helped your friend Sneezy."

Game images copyright Disney.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Snow White Desktop Wallpaper

An official Snow White wallpaper was seen on last year. Downloads were available in either 1024 or 800 sizes.

On the princess homepage, guests could click on Snow White to go to her page...

Other downloads included a Snow White signature and buddy icon gif...

The Disney princess page has since gone through a redesign and the downloads are no longer available on their site. There is, however, a new Sneezy Aaah-Choo game to play.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1938 Snow White Press Release

Here we have a 1938 Snow White press release from S. Barret McCormick, Director of Advertising & Publicity at RKO Radio Pictures in New York. It may have been used independently or possibly as a promotional letter to accompany a press kit.

There is no date on any of the three pages, but from the wording, it appears that it may have been written after the December 21, 1937 premiere but before the 1938 general release.

Images courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 26, 1995 Premiere Evening Pin

A boxed Snow White pin was issued at Disneyland and was given to attendees of a special event on May 26, 1995. What exactly was this event? For the longest time, I had no idea.

The box lid reads "A Premiere Evening" along with the date: May 26, 1995.

I'd asked around quite a bit, but no one seemed to have an answer as to what the event was. David from Gorillas Don't Blog suggested that it may have been a Gift-With-Purchase pin at a Walt Disney Classics Collection release. The Musical Dwarfs figurines were issued that year (two in March, four in June, and one in August). As it turns out, though, it wasn't a WDCC event. Yet, David wasn't far off.

The pin was in my collection for years, but it wasn't until just a month ago that the answer was finally discovered. I was working on the previous blog post, the one with the Lladró porcelain sculptures by artist Francisco Polope. In my research, I came across the Wishing Well figurine. Printed on the bottom is the text, "A Magical Evening - May 26, 1995." This is it! There couldn't possibly be two unrelated Snow White "Premiere" events on the same date.

So our "mystery" pin was a GWP item for the Lladró Wishing Well, issued at a release event on May 26, 1995.

The pin measures 1.5" tall.

The opposite side reveals a metal clasp-style pinback and the copyright markings: "© Disney, Made in China."

Images from Filmic Light Collection.

Now we finally have the answer to this mysterious Disneyland event.


UPDATE: I had always assumed the Premiere Evening for the Lladró Wishing Well sculpture had occurred at Disneyland, although there is no real indication of this on the pin or figurine. Recently, I came across a commemorative watch that was also available that one night. What's interesting about it is that not only does it mention Lladró and the May 26, 1995 date, but it's also inscribed with "Walt Disney World Resort." Did the event actually happen in Orlando rather than Anaheim? Or were there two releases at both parks? The mystery continues.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

1994-95 Lladró Snow White Figurines

In 1994, Spain-based Lladró produced a glazed-finish sculpture of Snow White holding a songbird. The piece stands approximately 9" high and was created specifically to be sold at the Disney theme parks. Retail price $295.

Lladro Item # 01007555.

The bottom is signed by the sculptor, Francisco Polope. It also has a special event stamp from its release at "A Magical Evening - October 13th 1994." A collectors wristwatch commemorating this night was available to patrons. The figure was retired in 1998.

Sculpts of all of the dwarfs were produced in 1994 too, each measuring between 5.5" and 6.25" tall. Individual pieces were priced at $175 except for Doc and Happy. These two cost $195, possibly because of their slightly larger size. Retired 1998.

The figurines were seen the following year on the back cover of the 1995 Walt Disney Gallery Catalog.

Catalog scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.


Also featured in the catalog and complimenting the Snow White collection was another sculpture by artist Francisco Polope--the highly detailed Wishing Well. Retail $1500. Measures 12.25" high. Issued 1995; retired 1998.

Lladro Item # 01007558.

A special release event was held at  Walt Disney World (and possibly Disneyland). Bottom imprint reads: "A Magical Evening - May 26, 1995." It's signed by the company owner J.J. Lladró.

Snow White and Wishing Well images via Cherished Collectables.

A couple of promotional items were available that night, both with the May 26, 1995 date. The first is a collectors watch that is inscribed on the back with "Walt Disney World Resort". A commemorative pin was also available, though no theme park is specified.