Thursday, May 30, 2013

Seven Dwarfs "Aaah-Choo" Online Game

Following a link on the Disney website to the current official Snow White DisneyPrincess page, we can find our way to the Aaah-Choo game for kids.

You play as one of the Seven Dwarfs. The goal is to rescue Sneezy from his sneezing fits in the shortest amount of time, with the most accumulated points. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, make your way across each level, picking up points and invincibility. Be sure to avoid obstacles which block your way, Sneezy's 'sneeze balls' that lose you points, and flying objects--which knock your dwarf out of the game.

Select a dwarf and begin.

Level 1 - The Dwarfs' Forest

Sneeze ball alert!

Sneezy waits for you at the end of each level.

Level 2 - The Queen's Dungeon + Laboratory

Flying objects include spell books, magic mirrors, poison apples, poison vials, and more. If your dwarf gets hit, he's sent for a tumble and another one shows up to take his place. If all six dwarfs get hit, the game is over.

Level 3 - The Dark Forest

We get a cool scary forest backdrop as the game's degree of difficulty increases. Watch out for that "log croc" obstacle!

Level 4 - Dwarfs' Mine

Level 5 - Dwarfs' Cottage

Things really start to pick up as just about anything not tied down will be flying at you, including pick axes, shovels, bowls and brooms.

If you make it through all five levels, then "you've saved the forest and helped your friend Sneezy."

Game images copyright Disney.


  1. The backgrounds look surprisingly nice. Can't tell if they are digital or gouache, but they capture the feel of the original film.

  2. Looks fun, gonna go check it out now!

    1. Doesn't take long, and it is kinda fun. :)