Friday, May 31, 2013

1980 Whitman Snow White Board Game

Walt Disney's Snow White Game With Special Magic Mirror. Licensed by Walt Disney Productions. Manufactured by Whitman. Dates from 1980. For 2 to 4 players, ages 7 and up. Be the first to make it around the board to wake Snow White from her sleep.

Contents: game board, a die-cut spinner, two player pieces (Snow and Prince), a rectangular 'Magic Mirror' label to place on the game board, and 14 Magic Mirror cards printed in reverse to be read in the mirror reflection. Also includes 12 one-sided round discs--3 Wicked Witch, 9 Poisoned Apple. Plus rules pamphlet.

Nice clean illustrations laid out on the board.

Board images courtesy of calsidyrose.

Some printings of the game had a Whitman logo at the lower right corner of the box cover, others did not.

Additional info and images courtesy of The Raymond Collection.

Back of box.


  1. Old games rule! I have about a dozen or so and plan to 'collect em all!' But not really, because that would be really really expensive.

    1. These classic board games are cool. Dr. Diz, do you have other Snow White games? Any pics that could be posted? ;)