Friday, May 10, 2013

Disney Gift Cards

Back in 2006, Disney started selling company-wide collectible gift cards that featured the iconic animated characters. Over the next couple of years, more cards were issued, but it was in 2009 that things really took off with a substantial jump in new designs. The cards are usually sold individually, though they often are produced in sets. Most are available at the parks or directly online from the Disney Gift Card site. They can be loaded with credit ranging from $5 to $1500 (USD) and are ready for use at Disney theme parks, Disney Stores or Disney online. Card dimensions are approximately the same as a regular credit card (3.375” x 2.125”) .

Snow White and Dopey appeared in the "Classic Illustration" series October 2009...

The "Heart of a Princess" collection includes Snow White and five others, October 2009...

All individual card images from personal collection unless noted.

The "Meant to Be" set featured the classic princesses with their princes, October 2009...

The Evil Queen is part of the "Villains" series, October 2009...

Pictured below is the villains set. Note the misspelling on the bottom left card-- it should read "Maleficent", not "Malificent". When Disney noticed the error, all of the cards were recalled within two weeks after being issued.

Image via Larry's Disney Collectibles.

The "Seven Dwarfs" card, October 2009...

Image via waltsdisneyworld.

Stained Glass Snow White, February 2012...

Not available online, the latest gift card featuring Snow and the Prince is part of the Stained Glass series (which also includes Belle and Cinderella). They were created exclusively for Town Square Theater in the Magic Kingdom Park where, according to the website, "you can choose from over 100 unique Disney Gift Card designs."

On at least ten other occasions, Snow White has been lumped into "princess" gift cards, ones that feature the royal gals in groups, usually four to eight in number. The Disney parks do offer a few of these designs, although, this kind of card tends to be more retailer-specific, that is, they're sold exclusively at such stores as Target, Walgreens, and Hallmark. The artwork also tends to be much less dynamic than those sold at the theme parks. Here's a look at just a few.

"Pretty Princesses" was available through TDS, October 2009...

"Princess Dreams" sold at Kroger stores; "Princess Wishes" available at Giant Eagle stores, March 2010...

Princess Group Cards via littlepiyo and Chipres Store.

A few of the other gift cards featuring Snow White in a "princess group"...
  • "Perfect Princess" - Walgreens, October 2009
  • "Princess Northern Lights" - Disney Parks, October 2009
  • "Princess: A Glittering Royal Celebration" - Disney Parks, October 2009
  • "Princess Spring Has Sprung" - Disney Store, February 2010
  • "Princess Winter Jewels" - Hallmark, August 2010
  • "Enchanted Princess" - Target, October 2010


  1. I actually remember the old gift cards! They're too nice to discard! Now if only the Disney Visa Credit Card had this many options for their card design!

    1. Yeah, I'm surprised they haven't come out with more designs for the CCs.