Thursday, May 2, 2013

French Snow White Euros

In 2002, the Monnaie de Paris in France minted a Children's Tales of Europe series of euro coins. These legal tender pieces were struck to proof quality with specially prepared dies and highly polished blanks. The Grimm Brothers' Snow White was commemorated with two separate coins.

The first is a solid 22 carat gold 20 euro, a limited edition of 1000 worldwide. The half ounce coin has a diameter of 31mm. The design face features the Witch offering Snow the poison apple, with the Magic Mirror and Queen's crown in the foreground. Behind them are gathered the Seven Dwarfs around the Princess' coffin as the Prince delivers True Love's First Kiss.

Issued in a box with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The same design is found on the second coin, a 1.5 euro made from 90% silver. Snow White's dress, lips, and hair ribbon are colored. A total of 15,000 in circulation. Weight 22.2g; diameter 37mm.

Euro in original box with certificate.

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