Sunday, January 29, 2012

WDCC Snow White Figurine (70th Anniversary - 2007)

We wrap up our look at the 70th anniversary commemorative items with this open edition Snow White and Dopey figurine entitled A Sweet Send Off. It was introduced by the Walt Disney Classics Collection in July 2007. Sculpted by artist Kent Melton, the figure stands 6.375" tall. Along with the usual bottom impressions, (the first year production mark was Captain Hook's hook), the piece also bears a 70th anniversary stamp. Original retail price $199 (USD).

Item Number: 4006685
Stock photo copyright Disney.


Update: February 6, 2012...

It was just over a week ago that I posted the above info on the Sweet Send Off figurine. Now news comes to us via Duckman's Blog that the 5 year old WDCC piece is being retired. It had a nice run.

Makes one wonder if a 75th Anniversary sculpt might be in the works. Special thanks to Disney Showcase Key for the tip about the retirement.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gold & Silver Coin Sets (70th Anniversary - 2007)

This commemorative 24kt gold coin overlay set consists of 9 pieces--Snow White, all Seven Dwarfs, and a 70th anniversary logo. Individually numbered on the side of each coin, the collection is limited to 1937. The backs read: "Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 70th Anniversary December 21, 1937 © Disney." They measure approximately 1.5" in diameter.

Housed in a handsome wooden box (7.625" x 7.25") with a see-thru window, each coin is encased in it's own protective plastic covering. Certificate of Authenticity included. Original retail price $175 (USD).


A limited edition silver-plated set was also issued.

Cast Member Trinket Box (70th Anniversary - 2007)

Created in 2007 exclusively for Disney cast, crew and imagineers, this Snow White 70th Anniversary trinket/jewelry box is made of antiqued fine porcelain. The covered dish displays artwork on nearly every surface. Measures approximately 5" across and 1.5" tall.

The six side panels all contain illustrations. Pictured below are Snow White and the Prince on one and the Seven Dwarfs on another. Not shown is panel three with Snow kissing Dopey's head, panel four with the Evil Queen, panel five presents half the Dwarfs holding pickaxes, and panel six with the remaining three Dwarfs heading home from work, Doc in lead.

The inside lid reads, "Celebrating 70 Years of magic with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

The dish interior features Snow White at the Wishing Well and with a bird in her hand. The text says, "Disney Family Holiday Celebration" and "Because of you, dreams come true."

On the bottom is signed "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" with a heart on either side. Also "©Disney  Made in Thailand."

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bradford Editions Figurine Collection (70th Anniversary - 2007)

This 2007 porcelain collection of 70th anniversary figurines designed by The Bradford Editions featured Snow White and the Dwarfs in their "Silly Song" scene. The pieces were released at intervals, the first included both Happy and Dopey. Snow White came next followed by the rest of the dwarfs, each in a separate issue.

The Snow White figurine stands 7" tall (17.8 cm) and plays the "Heigh-Ho" song. Her skirt features artwork from the movie and the rest of her is accented with 22K gold and Swarovski crystals. Hand-painted. Certificates of Authenticity included.


Also from The Bradford Editions in 2007 was this Evil Queen figurine, the premiere issue in the Disney's Divas of Darkness Collection. The piece measures approximately 6" high (15.2 cm) and was limited to 95 casting days. Artwork on the cape depicts the Witch offering the poison apple to Snow with castle in background. Accents include a sparkling simulated ruby pendant and 22K-gold crown. COA included.

Stock images copyright Disney.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Commemorative Pins (70th Anniversary - 2007)

Snow White's 70th was well represented by pins. Two spinners were released during at the November 16th DCA event. Both limited editions of 1000. Original retail $12.95 each.

Snow White.

Seven Dwarfs.


A 70th Anniversary event-only pin was also released. Limited edition of 500. Original retail price $8.95. Pictured: pin + concept art.


Also from Disneyland Resort, an eight-piece set. LE 1000. Released November 16, 2007. Original price $75.00.


A Disneyland Resort cast member 70th Anniversary pin. The back is stamped with "Cast Exclusive Limited Edition 500 ©Disney China". Price $8. The pin card reads:
Created in celebration of the 70th anniversary of Walt Disney's landmark masterpiece "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," this Cast Member exclusive pin was inspired by an original movie poster by B. Laney used for the French release of the film in 1938.

Concept Art


Walt Disney World released this limited edition pin of 1500 on the actual anniversary date of the film, December 21st. It has the usual back-stamp markings. Artwork for this pin was created by Disney Design Group Artist Rachael Sur. Original retail $8.95.


This 3" jumbo was sold through the Disney Store. Released November 19, 2007. LE 500. Original retail price $14.95.