Sunday, January 8, 2012

WDCC Evil Queen Figurine (60th Anniversary - 1997)

"Bring Back Her Heart..." was the 1997 Spring Event Sculpture from the Walt Disney Classics Collection. Released in February of that year, the edition was closed just a few months later in June. Another dynamic porcelain figure by artist Kent Melton, the Evil Queen stands 9" tall and holds the heart box in her hands. Retail price $150 (USD).

Item Number: 11K-41165-0 (Old)/1028644 (Current).

"Snow White 60th Anniversary" is printed on the bottom along with the other usual markings. The earliest production stamp is the 1996 Donald Duck Sailor's Hat. Later pieces bare the '97 Mickey Mouse Music Stand from The Band Concert.

The figurine appeared in the 1997 spring Disney Catalog.

Catalog scan courtesy of 1937Fan of Whistle While We Blog.


This event sculpture really had the promotional swag going for it. The following are just some of the Gift-With-Purchase items you could get if you bought the figurine from select authorized WDCC dealers.

Evil Queen T-Shirt...

Arribas Brothers Etched Magic Mirror Crystal Plaque (Disneyland Exclusive) and Black Event Balloon...

Other promotional items included pins, a postcard and poster.


  1. A beautifull and terrifying piece.
    I have one :-) .

    Thank you for posting about the Gift-With-Purchase items, these are cool and funny items, but I haven't got any of those ones yet .

  2. Wow, nice figurine, love her "hight", and the way her cape and dress are draped, and the look she gives ...

  3. Very elegant, emphasizing her class, refinement, and menace all at once.

  4. Yes, WDCC did a nice job with this one. I think it really captures the essence of the animated character.