Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bradford Exchange Rectangular Plates (60th Anniversary - 1997)

The Bradford Exchange produced their own series of five ceramic Snow White plates in 1997. While the pieces themselves don't mention the 60th anniversary of the film, they were sold in this year. Each plate is hand-numbered and limited to 95 firing days. Rectangular in shape, they measure 6.25" x 8.5" tall. Original retail price $59.95 (USD). Sold separately. Certificate of Authenticity included.

First Issue: Humph...

Bradex Number 84-B10-716.1

Humph images via A+M Grand Slam Sports and Michelle's Specials.

Second Issue: With A Smiling Face...

Bradex Number 84-B10-716.2
Smiling Face images via Plate Lady Collectibles and Pennies from Heaven.

Third Issue: Here's A Little Kiss...

Bradex Number 84-B10-716.3

Little Kiss images via katiethekollector.

Fourth Issue: Ah-Ah-Ah-Choo!...

Bradex Number 84-B10-716.4

Ah-Choo images via Lane's Collectibles and Michelle's Specials.

Fifth Issue: Follow Me Here...

Bradex Number 84-B10-716.5

The complete set forms a nice panoramic...

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