Monday, January 16, 2012

Swarovski Snow White Brooch (65th Anniversary - 2002)

This Snow White 65th anniversary pin-back brooch was produced by Swarovski for the Walt Disney Galley (Art of Disney). The elegant figure is cast in gold enamel with blue, black and red enamel accents, and it's adorned with red and white Swarovski crystals. A limited edition of 1937 (to commemorate the year of the film's premiere release), the original retail price back in 2002 was $135.00 (USD). The piece measures approximately 2.5" in height x 3.75" across. A Certificate of Authenticity was included.


On the back is the Swarovski swan hallmark along with inscriptions that read "65th ANNIVERSARY, LE 1937, © DISNEY"...

The brooch came complete in a blue velvet-lined Disney Gallery box along with a Swarovski crystal-embedded easel display-stand.

Images via Chloe.86000 and ladydi1126.

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