Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bradford Exchange 3D Plate Series (65th Anniversary - 2002)

This unique six-plate collection from the Bradford Exchange was created especially for the film's 65th anniversary. Each piece features a hand-cast, 3-D porcelain sculpt of Snow White around the outside rim of a plastic plate. Firings were limited to 295 days per issue. The plate (without the sculpt) measures 6.5" across. As with all Bradford items, a Certificate of Authenticity was included.

First Issue: The Fairest of Them All


Second Issue: Meeting At the Wishing Well


Third Issue: Some Day My Prince Will Come


Fourth Issue: Peeking Through the Forest


Fifth Issue: Whistle While You Work


Sixth Issue: Woodland Celebration

In 2002, collectors would have received a plate promotional packet from the Bradford Exchange. It included an introductory letter.

A four-page flyer.

And a collectible trading card.

Interested customers would simply sign and return the enclosed Series Reservation Card to receive the Premiere Issue plate in 8 to 10 weeks. You could write your order info on a detachable form to keep for your records.

Over a year after the 65th anniversary, an advertisement for the collection appeared in the Spring 2004 Disney Magazine. Retail price was $39.95 (USD) per piece, limit one per customer.

Magazine, flyer and card scans courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.


  1. I am constantly intrigued by the images on your blog and how many variant Snow Whites there are in and around the Disneyworld! The SW's wrapped around these plates don't quite look like the lasses on the plates! I think the outer girls were probably her stunt doubles...

  2. You may be right Brian. They have a stunt double look about them don't they? :)

    There sure have been a lot of Snow variations over the years...and for that matter, within the original film as well.