Monday, December 30, 2013

1938 RKO Snow White Pressbook (part II)

The 1938 pressbook continues from the previous Archive entry.

Pages 22-23. Newspaper advertisements.

Pages 24-25. Sample Radio City Music Hall ads.

Pages 26-27. More newspaper ads.

Close-ups of the Advance Teaser Ad Series from pages 26-27.

Pages 28-29. Newspaper ads.


Pages 30-31. Newspaper ads.

Pages 32-33. Newspaper ads.

Pages 34-35. Newspaper ads.

Pages 36-37. Newspaper copy.

Pages 38-39. Newspaper copy.

Pages 40-41. Newspaper copy. Plus Popular Science Monthly blurb.

Pages 42-43. Newspaper copy. Plus Cartier bracelet promo.

Page 44. Newspaper copy.

Image scans courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

1938 RKO Snow White Pressbook (part I)

For the Snow White collector, this is it! The bible! The 1938 RKO pressbook for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. A goldmine of information and images, the book is packed with promotional materials, merchandise, advertising and more, all from the film's original US theatrical release. Measures approximately 12" x 18.25"; 44-pages plus covers.

The front and back covers feature full color artwork...


And on the inside covers, more Gustaf Tenggren illustrations. Plus an accompanying text that was both grand and bold, the norm for movie promotions back then.
The most daring adventure in screen entertainment since the birth of the motion picture.

...every man, woman, and child in the world owes it to himself not to permit anything to keep him from seeing it!
Cover images via Heritage Auctions.

Page 1. The film synopsis and its artists.

Pages 2-3 The Carthay Circle premiere.

Pages 4-5. Hollywood stars, magazine write-ups, department store campaigns.

Pages 6-7. Promotional activities and events.

Page 8. More promo activities including ideas for a theatre lobby Wishing Well and Magic Mirror.

Page 9. Posters: 1-sheets (15¢ each), 3-sheets (45¢), 6-sheets (90¢), 24-sheets ($2.40).

Pages 10-11. More posters: lobby cards, window cards, window standee, half-sheets, insert, 1-sheet, 40x60. Plus a bumper sticker, giant standee, and 3-color herald.

A sample herald was included, glued into the book at the margin. Theatre owners could purchase more for $3.50 per 1000.

Pages 12-13. Hand-colored stills: 11x14 and 8x10. Various books including Harper & Bros., Grosset & Dunlap, Whitman, and the Photoplay Study Guide.

Pages 14-15. Promotional campaigns including Armour's Star Ham, Lightfoot Schultz soap, and Mengel rockers. Plus Milton Bradley games, Noma X-mas lights, Ohio Tea Sets, Plastic Novelties catalin sharpeners, Seiberling Latex statuettes, General Foods paper dolls, Banner Bros. purses, and the King Features serial.

Pages 16-17. The Kroger campaign. Merchandising.

Pages 18-19. Irving Berlin sheet music, records, and radio trailers. Color and B&W still descriptions.

Glued to the margin was an 8x10 herald. The cost to theatre owners was $3.50 for 500, $6.00 for 1000.

Pages 20-21. Snow White illustrated story. Old King Cole displays and a Silk Bannerette.

Image scans courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.

The second half of the 1938 Snow White pressbook continues in the next Archive entry.