Thursday, June 28, 2012

Snow White appears in Sotheby's 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' Auction Cel

Twenty-three years ago today, Sotheby's auction book (from Wednesday, June 28, 1989) featured the art of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In this particular cel set up, several other Disney characters make an appearance including the marching Dwarfs and Snow White with the Old Witch. Asking price was $5000-$7000 (USD).

The Dwarfs march out of subway and Snow White helps the "old woman" next to Cindy's wishing apples...

The catalog sold for $15 at the Disney Store back then. Catalog page...

Images and info courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia. Used with permission.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1998 Belgian 'Snow White on Ice' Promo CD

Disney's 'World on Ice' toured Europe in 1998. This Snow White five-track CD was a giveaway item to promote the show in Belgium. Note the text on the back is printed in both French and Dutch. Walt Disney Records. Catalog no. WDR 10472.

Images and info via

In another post, see the 'Disney on Ice' promo CD distributed in Spain that same year.

2001 Australian Four-Song Promotional CD

In 2001, the buildup and release of the Snow White Platinum Edition DVD was a big deal. The movie had an all-new digital restoration. Also the two-disc set was hosted by Roy E. Disney and loaded with extras. Over a million copies sold in the very first day!

In Australia, the DVD was part of the Walt Disney's Masterpiece Series. To help publicize its release (and that of the CD soundtrack which was also being reissued in 2001), a promotional four-song compact disc was created. It was a giveaway item, not meant for resale. Walt Disney Records. Pressed by Digital Audio Technologies Australia.

1. Whistle While You Work
2. Heigh-Ho
3. Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum (The Dwarfs' Washing Song)
4. The Dwarfs' Yodel Song (The Silly Song)

Performed by Adriana Caselotte and the original 1938 cast.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ben's Last Ride Continues to Make News

Ron Miles is the father of Ben, the last person to ever ride Snow White's Scary Adventures at Walt Disney World. Because it was such a special moment, the news of the event has spread online including a write-up on Boing Boing. And just this past weekend, Ron was interviewed via Face Time on Sacramento Good Day television...

Video and screen captures copyright Sacramento Good Day.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Grumpy Tees and Tops

Grumpy t-shirts and sweat tops are some of the few Snow White clothing items manufactured for men. And when it comes to the sheer numbers of shirt designs produced, this dwarf wins hands down. None of the other six dwarfs have more, not even Dopey. The clothing tends to come in browns, grays or other dark colors, and Grumpy's trademark scowl and crossed arms are a common motif. The following is just a sampling of what's out there.

This Grumpy "classic" theme park t-shirt was originally sold at Disneyland but then appeared online at the Disney Store in December 2011.

Disneyland Grumpy (Item No. 7505002523708M), 2011. Part of the D-Tour Collection. $24.95.
Stock images copyright Disney.

"Grumpy for Life" was sold in 2011 at Walt Disney World, but it too showed up at

Grumpy For Life (Item No. 7505002522114M), 2011. Retail Price: $21.95 (USD).


Disney Store shirts...

Dude With the Tude, 100% organic cotton t-shirt (Item No. 104411M). Disney Store. $16.50.

Grumpy t-shirts, 2011. Disney Store Outlet.

Organic Cotton ''All Grumpy All the Time'' Grumpy Tee for Men (Item No. 5701047784612MS), 2011. $16.50.

Have A Grumpy Day and Grumpy Since 1937 t-shirts. Disney Store.

I'm Grumpy t-shirt (Item No. 102190MS). Disney Store. $14.50.

Grouchy Cranky Moody 100% organic cotton tee
(Item No. 5701047784823MS) 2012. $16.50-$18.50.

Grumpy By Choice 100% organic cotton tee
(Item No. 5701047784872M) 2012. $16.50.


Grumpy hoodies/sweatshirts...

Grumpy hoodie, 2011. Disney Theme Parks/Disney Store Outlet.

Grumpy Attitude sweatshirt. Disneyland Theme Park.

Grumpy and Club Grumpy sweatshirts, 2011. Disney Store Outlet.

My House My Rules sweatshirt. Disney Store.


This Grumpy hoodie was sold at Walt Disney World in 2011 (the park's 40th anniversary) and then on

WDW 1971 hoodie (Item No. 7505002523209M), 2011. Walt Disney World and Disney Store. $59.95.

A similar WDW 1971 design also appeared on both these short and long-sleeve t-shirts...

WDW 1971: short sleeve tee (Item No. 7505002523200M), $34.95; long sleeve t-shirt (Item No. 7505002523202M) $39.95.
2011Walt Disney World and Disney Store.


More tees...

37 Grumpy tee ( Item No. 5701047784729M), 2011. 50% organic cotton. Disney Store. $16.50.

Grumpy green tee.

Grumpy gray tee.

My Other Face is Happy and Be Grumpy t-shirts.


Women's sleep shirt and tee...

Grumpy Wear 1937 sleep t-shirt (Item No. 7505002521225M), 2011. DL/WDW Theme Parks and Disney Store. $29.95.
Women's This Is My Grumpy Shirt, date unknown.


More from the theme parks...

Grumpy's Garage + Grumpy For Life t-shirts, 2011. Disney Theme Parks.

Couple Tees from WDW Magic Kingdom. May 2012. Image copyright Jeff Lukas via WDW News Today.
APRIL 2013 UPDATE: "Unfriend" tee also seen online; Item No. 7505002529766M.

Grumpy t-shirt, 2011. Disney Theme Parks/Disney Store Outlet.

Circa 1937 Grumpy t-shirt, 2011. Sold at Disney Theme Parks/Disney Store Outlet.

Grumpy tee, December 2011. Vault 28 Store, DTD Anaheim.
Image courtesy of TokyoMagic! via Meet the World.

Genius By Birth t-shirt, 2011. Walt Disney World. $19.95.

Tough Guy Grumpy t-shirt, 2012. World of Disney store WDW. $21.95. APRIL 2013 UPDATE: Also seen online; Item No. 7505002529940M.

Reading My Shirt t-shirt, 2012. World of Disney store WDW.


UPDATE August 2012... 

Another Grumpy t-shirt appeared online Disney Store. A long sleeve 100% cotton thermal for men. Retail price $19.50.

Item No. 5712046865171M.

We've only scratched the surface on all the Grumpy merch that's been produced, but you get the idea. Clearly this guy sells.