Friday, June 1, 2012

Details to Come on SWSA Grand Finale

Yesterday was nothing short of surreal on the final day of Snow White's Scary Adventures at Walt Disney World. Lines like I'd never seen before. People flashing photos and shooting video all day long. And fans coming out to say goodbye and pay their respects to this classic gem of an attraction. I'd never seen so many Snow White fans in one place. Then there was Ben Miles and his quest to reach 3500 rides before it was all over. And Snow White herself would take a spin in a mine car as would an "unofficial" Evil Queen. It will take awhile to go thru all the footage and to digest all that occurred on this amazing night. So look for a SWSA post later this month with all the details in text and video.


  1. P.S. Hope you had a safe trip back home!

  2. Repeating TM, can't wait! No offense, but Disney could have done a little bit of a farewell ceremony or something. Was Snow White part of that?

  3. Just arrived home. It will take a little while to go thru all the media, but I'll be posting details. Snow White did show up and rode with Ben. No official closing ceremony for the attraction, but the crowd that was there at the end sent SWSA off with class.