Sunday, June 30, 2013

1952 US Snow White Lobby Cards

Of all the Snow White lobby cards produced in the US, those from 1952 are probably the most distinctive. The same Dopey illustration appears on the side border of each. The set consists of eight 11" x 14" posters; no title card.

The cards were issued by RKO in 1951 for the '52 re-release. Copyright in lower left corner.

In the lower right, the National Screen Service info plus the re-release number "R-51".

Above images courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.

This lobby card scene of the dwarfs discovering Dopey to be the "monster" from upstairs only appeared in the '52 set and no others.

Lobby card set via Heritage Auctions.

The set is seen on the back cover of 1952 pressbook, though a darker color must have originally been planned for the yellow banner across the top.

Pressbook image courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

1952 US Snow White Window Card

Window cards were placed in shops and stores around town to advertise the opening of the film. Space was usually available at the top of card for the local theatre to fill in its information. RKO 1952 re-release; poster has a R-1951 copyright. The standard measurements of 14" x 22".

Image via Heritage Auctions.

1952 US Pressbook Promotional Supplement

The 10-page supplement to the 1952 Snow White pressbook included tie-ins with merchandise and various corporate promotions.


Pages 2-3. Bendix washing machine promotion.

Pages 4-5. More Bendix promotions and contests.

Pages 6-7. Rinso "Name Game" promotion.

Pages 8-9. Rinso tie-in. Records, music, books, comics, novelties.

Back cover. Snow White licensees.

Images courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.

Friday, June 28, 2013

1952 US Snow White Pressbook

The RKO 1952 Snow White pressbook contains a total of 12 pages (including covers) and measures approximately 17.75" x 12". The content is printed in black & white with occasional orange highlights.

Pressbook front cover.


Pages 2-3. Details about the film's third issue. Newspaper copy.

Pages 4-5. More newspaper copy.

Pages 6-7. Newspaper ads.

Close-up of ad...

Page 8-9. Exploitation campaigns and contests.

Pages 10-11. Newspaper ads. Color gloss stills, Stensgaard displays, radio ads, and more.

Back cover. Promotional herald, lobby cards, front cover, window card, insert, half sheets, 1-sheet, 3-sheet, 6-sheet, 24-sheet, a banner, and more.

Images courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.

Accompanying this campaign book was a 10-page Supplement, seen in the next Archive entry.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Snow White at RKO Keith's Theatre, 1938

From collector Rick Payne comes this original photograph of the RKO Keith's Theatre in Dayton, Ohio during the 1938 showing of Snow White.

The photo is interesting for several reasons. Here's Rick's observations...
The line of people waiting to get in wraps completely around the corner of the building despite the inclement weather. You can see that there are some kids in line, but most of those waiting appear to be adults. It's a daytime showing and I don't know the day or date - weekday or weekend? There's a theatre exit on the right side of the building with a Snow White marquee.

Also, a Snow White horizontal fabric banner hangs under the main entrance marque, but unfortunately, it's mostly hidden from our view.

In another photo of Keith's, a similar hanging banner is seen for the Mickey Mouse cartoon "HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY".

Images and info courtesy of Rick Payne via dadric's attic.

That's quite a crew of ushers; those were the days!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Snow White's Forest Friends Cleaning Co." Magnet

Currently available at Disneyland in Anaheim, this 'vintage ad' magnet is marked with the "mint" price code, which equals $4.95 in the park. Sold in shrink wrap, it measures about 2.25" x 3.25".

Image via DesertDisney.

Other magnets in the series include Cinderella's Crafty Critter Sewing Service, Jiminy Cricket's Conscience Counseling, and Poppins' Peguins Catering Co.. Thanks to TokyoMagic of Meet the World for the heads-up on this item and the additional info.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Snow White Round Tin Made in England

Originally sold at one of the parks, this Snow White tin was snagged at a garage sale in Colorado for only a couple bucks. Measures 3" tall x 5" across. Lid is 5.375". Snow and the dwarfs show up in several of the side illustrations. We don't get the Old Hag, but the Queen is here along with the Magic Mirror. The Prince makes an appearance at the end. Artwork by Russell Schroeder.

The copyright imprint along the side seam reads, "© WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS". This was the corporate name used on merchandise up until February 6, 1986, when it became The Walt Disney Company. So at least we know the tin dates before this time.

Bottom stamp is marked "CONTAINER MADE IN ENGLAND"

Earlier versions of this tin had a more detailed stamp that read "DESIGNED BY DAHER, LONG ISLAND CITY, NY 11101, CONTAINER MADE IN ENGLAND."

Still another also included "THE TIN BOX COMPANY" in the marking.

My tin lacked a food ingredient sticker, but others online show that it probably once held a 13 oz. "CANDY JAR MIX" of both hard and filled candy. Distributed by Walt Disney World.

Of the tins I've personally seen with stickers attached, all were from Walt Disney World. However, the tin was also sold at Disneyland. One sticker I was told about read, "P.M. Mix Hard & Filled. Packaged for Disneyland Anaheim, CA 92803"

Disney really got some miles out of this tin design. Earlier versions were also used to sell mint lozenges...

...and sliced fruit cake too.

Here's an unopened beaut still sealed in original shrinkwrap...

If you're looking to add this Snow White tin to your own collection, it won't be difficult. Countless numbers were produced over the years, so it's fairly easy to find one for a decent price online.