Saturday, June 15, 2013

2012 Snow White Plates

Evil Queen Art Plate, part of the Classic Disney Villains Collection. Hand numbered Limited Edition of 1000. Silvertone filigree trim and edging. For decorative purposes only; not for food use. Porcelain. Wooden stand included. Diameter 14.25''. Retail $79.50.

Item No. 6447011372519P.

Original box.

Certificate of Authenticity.

Plate on display at the Woodfield Mall Disney Store in Schaumburg, Illinois, 2012.


Snow White Platter from the 2012 Wicked Beauty Collection. Metal and glass with vivid color glaze. Not for food use. Diameter 18". Retail $54.95.

Item No. 7509002524438P.

Stock images copyright Disney Store.



  1. So much STUFF! And some of it... well, a bit variable...

    Am I alone in thinking that the Queen plate is rather spoilt by that weird background that looks like she has a crown full of bricks?!

    By the way, do you HAVE all these items in your own collection?

    1. You're right Brian. Why is she wearing a hat full of bricks?

      That is a lot of stuff. Disney went nuts on the Snow White merch these past couple years. I've resisted the temptation, though, to add it to my personal collection. Kind of focusing on more vintage items at the moment.

  2. So wait, I can't even eat my Sloppy Joe on that second plate? I guess I'm going to start collecting something useful. Like thimbles.

  3. These were nice! I agree Disney went kinda crazy with the SW merch these last couple of years, but I'm not complaining. I've always loved the SW themed merchandise.