Friday, June 28, 2013

1952 US Snow White Pressbook

The RKO 1952 Snow White pressbook contains a total of 12 pages (including covers) and measures approximately 17.75" x 12". The content is printed in black & white with occasional orange highlights.

Pressbook front cover.


Pages 2-3. Details about the film's third issue. Newspaper copy.

Pages 4-5. More newspaper copy.

Pages 6-7. Newspaper ads.

Close-up of ad...

Page 8-9. Exploitation campaigns and contests.

Pages 10-11. Newspaper ads. Color gloss stills, Stensgaard displays, radio ads, and more.

Back cover. Promotional herald, lobby cards, front cover, window card, insert, half sheets, 1-sheet, 3-sheet, 6-sheet, 24-sheet, a banner, and more.

Images courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.

Accompanying this campaign book was a 10-page Supplement, seen in the next Archive entry.

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