Monday, June 24, 2013

Snow White Round Tin Made in England

Originally sold at one of the parks, this Snow White tin was snagged at a garage sale in Colorado for only a couple bucks. Measures 3" tall x 5" across. Lid is 5.375". Snow and the dwarfs show up in several of the side illustrations. We don't get the Old Hag, but the Queen is here along with the Magic Mirror. The Prince makes an appearance at the end. Artwork by Russell Schroeder.

The copyright imprint along the side seam reads, "© WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS". This was the corporate name used on merchandise up until February 6, 1986, when it became The Walt Disney Company. So at least we know the tin dates before this time.

Bottom stamp is marked "CONTAINER MADE IN ENGLAND"

Earlier versions of this tin had a more detailed stamp that read "DESIGNED BY DAHER, LONG ISLAND CITY, NY 11101, CONTAINER MADE IN ENGLAND."

Still another also included "THE TIN BOX COMPANY" in the marking.

My tin lacked a food ingredient sticker, but others online show that it probably once held a 13 oz. "CANDY JAR MIX" of both hard and filled candy. Distributed by Walt Disney World.

Of the tins I've personally seen with stickers attached, all were from Walt Disney World. However, the tin was also sold at Disneyland. One sticker I was told about read, "P.M. Mix Hard & Filled. Packaged for Disneyland Anaheim, CA 92803"

Disney really got some miles out of this tin design. Earlier versions were also used to sell mint lozenges...

...and sliced fruit cake too.

Here's an unopened beaut still sealed in original shrinkwrap...

If you're looking to add this Snow White tin to your own collection, it won't be difficult. Countless numbers were produced over the years, so it's fairly easy to find one for a decent price online.


  1. Hi,

    I have been looking for that tin! Some friends of our family brought that tin back to me as a gift from Disney World in the 80's. I can't remember what I ever did with it. I would love to get my hands on one again just for sentimental reasons. Do you know where I could find one in decent condition? Just out of curiosity I lived in Colorado all through my 20's, and honestly can't remember what I did with that tin. Maybe it did eventually end up at that garage sale. What town in Colorado did you get it in?

    1. Found it in the Boulder area. The tin actually shows up a lot on ebay and sometimes for really good prices. Just search "snow white tin".

  2. Do you know what year they atarted making these? My mom has a couple from when she went to walt Disney world in the 70s, then in the 80s. Thank you.