Sunday, June 2, 2013

1944 US Snow White Pressbook

The RKO 1944 Snow White pressbook contains a total of 16 pages (including covers) and measures approximately 11" x 17". The content is printed in black & white with an occasional red ink highlight.

Front cover.

Pages 2-3. A list of extended theatre runs in the US and Canada from the original release. Words of praise for the film.

Pages 4-5. Irving Berlin songbooks, 1938 RCA/Victor record, Decca record, and others. Print-ready newspaper copy.

Pages 6-7. Newspaper copy. Ad layouts.

Pages 8-9. Newspaper ads.

Pages 10-11. Newspaper copy.

Pages 12-13. More newspaper copy + a Snow White Herald. Exploitation ideas.

Pages 14-15. Exploitation contests. Lobby cards, insert, 22x28s, and glossy stills.

Close-up of lobby cards...

Insert and 22x28s...

Color stills...

Rear cover posters: window card, 1-sheet, 3-sheet, 6-sheet, 24-sheet.

Images courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.


  1. That's an unfortunate image. Dopey looks like he's about to be ill. And I thought that he **liked** Snow White!

  2. Whenever I see these old press books, I wish I could order full sets of all the lobby cards, and all of the posters. Imagine having one of those 24-sheet billboards!

    1. And they cost so little back then! If only my grandparents would have had the foresight, and connections to a theater owner, to store away a few of these poster gems.

  3. Peter Adamakos: Pressbooks are wonderful time capsules. I will be launching a website to make my 10,000 vintage Disney items, including pressbooks, lobby cards, original animation art and much more 1920s on. They were wonderful to live with and now it's time to get them into the hands of other fans.