Thursday, June 6, 2013

1938 Snow White Cut-Out Dolls, Whitman No. 3005

In an earlier blog entry, we saw the 1938 Whitman boxed set of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs paper dolls. As the name suggests, it included the princess and all of the dwarfs, plus 10 dresses, jackets, animals, and accessories.

The set below is a condensed version which features the same Snow White doll, but no dwarfs. It comes with five similar dress poses, though the color schemes have been changed. "Copyrighted 1938 by Walt Disney Enterprises..."


Set no. 3005. Whitman Publishing Co.

The doll stands upright with the help of a wooden block.

Five cut-out dresses for Snow to wear over her scullery maid outfit.

Images courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection. Doll artwork copyright Disney.


  1. That's a super great item... neat that it is not in a book that required the pieces to be cut out. Once again, Snow White's face is weirdly generic.

  2. Oops, ha ha, they DO need to be cut out. Pay attention, Major Pepperidge!

    1. It's amazing to still find any of these sets still intact since they were designed to be cut up and especially since they're made of such thin paper.