Friday, June 14, 2013

2012-13 Snow White Glasses/Mugs/Tumblers

Wicked Beauty Collection, early 2012. Snow White Wine Glass (8oz., 8'' high) and Mini Glass (2 oz., 3.5" high). Metallic red pattern. Sold separately. Retail $22.95 and $12.95 respectively.

Item Nos. 7509002524455P + 7509002524447P.

The "Wicked" Queen was seen on this coffee travel mug at Disneyland in March 2012.

Image courtesy of Connie at Life is a Journey.

A "Classic" Snow White Mug was available online at the UK Disney Store last August 2012. Wraparound artwork features the Princess checking the soup while the Dwarfs wash up. Marked inside with "Walt Disney Classic 2012, Fine China". Approxiamtley 10cm high. Retail £6.00.

Item No. 416022198654P.

The Movie Moments Mugs Collection was offered through the US Disney Store in 2012. The series featured images from classic Disney films including Snow White; each mug was sold separately. Ceramic. Holds 16 oz., 5'' tall. Retail $10.50.

Item No.6551039731850P. 

Film logo inside mug.

2012 Evil Queen Mug, part of the Classic Disney Villains Collection. Screen art from the film. Ceramic. Extra large, holds 20 oz., 5'' high. Disney Store. Retail $10.50.

Item No.6551039731855P.

Ceramic Travel Tumbler, another addition to the Classic Disney Villains Collection. Characters include the Evil Queen, Maleficent, Cruella DeVil and Ursula. Holds 12 oz., 6.5" tall. Retail $12.50.

Item No. 6551039731863.

Slightly different artwork on another series of Villain mugs, available online in September 2012 at the UK Disney Store. Made from stoneware. 13.5cm high. The Evil Queen Mug is seen below. Maleficent and Cruella were also included in the collection. Retail £6.29.

Item No. 416024760026P.

Disney Villains Plastic Hi Ball Tumbler, UK Disney Store. See through design.16cm tall. Retail £3.49.

Item No. 416034810773P.

Stock images copyright Disney Store.

2013 Snow White "golden apple" Mug. US Disney Store. Raised screen art, golden accents. Ceramic; hand wash only. Holds 16 oz. Dimensions 6'' x 4.75'' (incl. handle). Retail $12.50.

Item No. 6551011372068P.



  1. I was really tempted to buy that red SW "golden apple" mug! Unfortunately, it is not microwave safe nor it is dishwasher safe =(

    1. It's one of the nicer SW mugs I've seen. It is too bad that it's not dishwasher safe.