Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow White Pins (65th Anniversary - 2002)

This 2002 seven-pin set celebrates the 65th anniversary with the depiction of Gustaf Tenggren's Dwarfs-marching-home scene. The pins are arranged on a background card illustrated with the log and trees from the film. The set is a limited edition of 1937 from the year of the movie's premiere.

The pins measures approximately 1" to 1.5" tall. The backside of each reads, "Limited Edition of 1937, Disney, China." The box has a wood grain appearance and measures 4" x 8".

Sleepy and Happy

Bashful and Sneezy


Disney Auctions offered an exclusive 65th anniversary pin that year. Featuring Snow and her animal friends, it measures about 2.5" in both height and width. The backside is decorated with the Disney Auctions gavels and reads, "©Disney, Limited Edition 100, Disney Auctions Exclusive, China." The only image I could locate was this small one via Pin Pics.


This framed lithograph and pin set appeared in the Winter 2002 Disney Catalog. It features a total of seven pins--the Dwarfs along with a woodland squirrel--and a litho reproduction of the 1937 one-sheet. Limited edition of 3600. Original retail price $98 (USD).

Disney Catalog scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.

65th Anniversary Certificate of Authenticy on backside of litho...


  1. They look great!
    Once again, I love Tengrens style ;-) .

  2. I'm right there with you DSK. Gustaf did some terrific work.