Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cast Member Pins (60th Anniversary - 1997)

Released in 1997 exclusively to Disneyland cast members, these two pins commemorate the six-decade milestone for the film. Both are hard-to-find and show up rarely online. The first is of Snow White with "60th Anniversary" and "1937-1997" printed on the front.

The second pin reads "The Queen, 1937-1997, 60th" and features Her Royal Evilness in a classic pose. The back is simply stamped "©Disney."

60th Queen Pin. Images courtesy of Michael from Used with permission.


  1. Stumbled upon a photo the other day from a random website that showed an old b&w pic of snow white's house, which apparently was used as part of the promo for the film. Do you know anything about this or have any more information? Here is the link to the pic I found. Thanks!

  2. Hi NutMeg-- Thanks for the link. Yes this Dwarfs' cottage was set along Wilshire Boulevard to help build the buzz and atmosphere for the 1937 premiere of the film. More info can be found at David Lesjak's excellent site: Vintage Disney Collectibles...

  3. Awesome! Thanks! P.S. Been having fun looking through your site. Even "pinned" a few of your pics to Pinterest. Cheers!