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70th Anniversary of Snow White - DCA Event (2007)

On November 16, 2007, a special commemorative event was held at Disney's California Adventure Park in honor of the 70th Anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The Event Packages

Guests could sign up for one of two itineraries for the 70th anniversary event. The first was the $25 Magic Mirror deal which bought you admission to DCA at 5:00 pm. You'd get a commemorative gift and have time to shop for other anniversary merchandise. This was followed by a special introduction to and screening of the film.

The more attractive package was the $150 Poisoned Apple program. It included the above but with admission to the park at the earlier time of 2:00 pm. Guests would have the first look at the limited edition merchandise plus have the opportunity to get their pieces signed by the artists on hand. This was followed at 5:00 pm with food and a drink at the Snow White Soiree. A panel discussion at 6:00 pm would include Roy E. Disney, John Lasseter and others. Next came a preview tour of "The Fairest One of All" art exhibit in the Animation Building, before being led to reserved seating at the Hyperion Theater for the film screening.

Registration for the event was at the east esplanade.

Registration Sign and Table image via Cindy's Disneyland Resort Page. Used with permission.

Registration Table

Guests were handed their registration packets which contained among other things their event badges, itineraries, and keepsake vouchers.

Magic Mirror Badge

Poison Apple Badge (front and back). Badges via Cindy's Disneyland Resort Page.

Guests were told to hang onto their commemorative keepsake voucher until the end of the day when they would be able to redeem it for something rather cool. Each guest was also handed a free boxed gift. Inside was a surprise souvenir.

Keepsake Voucher and Gift Box

The Poison Apple Itinerary from the Walt Disney Event Services website.



The Merchandise

The event store was set up in the Stage 12 building where there was no shortage of commemorative 70th Anniversary merch to be had. Well...actually...most items were limited editions so a Random Selection Process was used to insure the fair distribution to attendees. Some of the collectibles were simple keepsakes such as this magnet and keychain displaying the anniversary logo.

Magnet ($5.00); Keychain ($6.50).

Concept Art

Other merchandise included things like the limited edition 1937 lobby card lithographs.

Lobby Card Lithos well as a mug and shot glass, a wristwatch, tee shirts, and commemorative pins.


Artist Signings

In additional to the 70th anniversary merchandise, attendees also had the opportunity to purchase and have personally signed original art and prints from such Disney artists as Robert Olszewski, Toby Bluth, Joe Yakovetic, Elisabete Gomes, David Bird, and Dave Avanzino.

The Fairest One Of All Shadowbox
by Dave Avanzino

Medium: Mixed Media
Edition Size: 10
Retail: $800

12.5" x 16" (within frame)


The Snow White Soiree

The Poison Apple itinerary continued onto Stage 17 where servers came 'round with trays of food items, seven different hors d'ouevres in all, one for each of the dwarfs, plus drinks and dessert too. The servings were bite-sized but the portions kept coming so everyone got their fill. This was scheduled to begin at 5:00 pm, but things got started a little late.

 Napkins image via Cindy's Disneyland Resort Page.

During this time, guests had the chance to get their photo taken with either Snow White or the Evil Queen.

Image via tripodjw.

And next to the stage, artist Noah was creating a painting of the Evil Queen. On the right of the canvas was the Magic Mirror which, when seen under black light, revealed the image of Snow White.

Image copyright kathyjO via Mouse Guest Message Boards.

Image courtesy of Daveland.


Panel Discussion

Traffic problems for some of the special guests caused another delay, but once they'd all arrived, the Soiree was followed by a lively panel discussion moderated by producer Don Hahn (Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Waking Sleeping Beauty). The panelists included Roy E. Disney, Marge Champion, Glen Keane, John Lasseter, Leonard Maltin, and Lella Smith (Creative Director of the Animation Research Library). Each person was escorted to the stage by one of the Dwarfs.

In the audience were both Alice Davis and Kim Justice, wives to Disney Legends Marc Davis and Bill Justice.

At the conclusion of the panel discussion, a Disney cast member sang "Someday My Prince Will Come" while Snow White and the Prince did their dance on stage. Cindy from Cindy's Disneyland Resort Page shot this hand-held video of the performance.

All Panel Discussion images via tripodjw.


The Art Exhibit

Attendees who purchased the Poison Apple package were next invited over to the Animation Building for a first look at the "Fairest One of All" exhibit. Out in front was a miniature version of the Dwarfs' cottage which would serve as a backdrop for Snow White photo opportunities throughout the run of the exhibition.

See an earlier post featuring more of these Snow White shots by photographer Britt Dietz.

It's interesting to note that this same cottage background was brought out at DCA again in October of 2009 in celebration of the Diamond Edition Blu-ray release of the film.

Dwarf Cottage image via Loren Javier. Creative Commons License.

Inside the Animation Building, a collection of more than 100 pieces of original animation art was on display within the main room and still more stunning images ran on the overhead screens. Curated by Lella Smith, the exhibit featured storyboards, concept art, layouts, and backgrounds from the film. Guests also had a chance to view cels but due to the delicate nature of the originals, those on display were reproductions.

Exhibit images copyright armadillo444. Creative Commons License.

Additional Exhibit images via micechat.

Here's a high speed video tour into the Animation Building...

Video posted by The Disneyland Gazette.

The exhibit would open to the general public the following day. Next door in the Off the Page store, they were ready with loads of Snow White merchandise.

Image via MiceChat.


The Screening

For the finale to the day, guests headed over to the Hyperion Theater for the screening of the film. Apparently, there was a bit of a mix up and not nearly enough reserved seating was set aside for those who had purchased the Poison Apple package. Yet, everyone got a seat, and soon John Lasseter marched out on stage along with Snow White, the Prince, and the Dwarfs. As he introduced the film, several of the Dwarfs did funny antics behind him.

Film Screening Sign image via Cindy's Disneyland Resort Page.

Theater images copyright kathyjO via Mouse Guest Message Boards.

At the conclusion to the evening (and for those who managed to hang onto their Commemorative Keepsake Voucher), guests were handed a large envelope. Inside was a beautiful replica program from the 1937 Carthay Circle Theatre premiere. We'll have a look at it in an upcoming post.

For the Snow White enthusiast, the event offered plenty to choose from. Limited edition commemorative gifts and merchandise, a chance to meet and talk with Snow White artists, themed food, Marge Champion, Alice Davis and Roy E. Disney all sharing their own Snow White memories, an exhibit of original animation artwork, and a big-screen showing of the film inside a Disney theme park...maybe not a perfect day, but certainly not a bad way to celebrate the 70th year milestone.

Also see the DCA park banners that were hung and the park map.


  1. Although the panel discussion was cool, it was REALLY amazing to see and hear "Snow White" on a big screen. It still packed a wallop! Wow!

  2. I absolutely hate the artwork for the 70th Anniversary it looks like the budget was pulled at the last minute ghastly substandard stuff awful!

  3. Dave-- Sounds fantastic. Maybe we'll get a Big Screen viewing this year too.

    Wobble-- Hopefully we'll see some dynamic designs come out over the next few months as the 75th anniversary draws closer.

  4. Now that's a comprehensive post! Thanks for the coverage.