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Robert Olszewski & His Snow White Disneyland Miniatures

Robert Olszewski (pronounced "o-SHEV-ski") has made a long and successful career out of sculpting miniatures. His Disney canon of figurines is substantial, with his individual Snow White designs alone reaching nearly 50 in number:

Robert is pictured here at the 2011 D23 Expo.

Olszewski's Disneyland architectural models, possibly his most impressive work, started with the release of Sleeping Beauty Castle on December 14, 2002. The Main Steet USA Collection with the Central Plaza would follow, as well as other park attractions, including the Fantasyland Collection. Park buildings are in ''Z'' scale (1/220th); characters and vehicles are "N" scale (1/160th). Material: Hand-painted, sculptured resin with wood bases and metallic title plaques. Most include light-up features.

Images courtesy of Disney Showcase Key.


King Triton's Garden and Snow White's Grotto was issued on March 31, 2007 at Disneyland. Includes the Wishing Well and "marble" statues with lighted details. Sculpt dimensions: 15.5" wide x 15" deep and 7.5" high. Original retail: $275. In May 2013, it was listed online at the Disney Store for $345.

Image via MousePlanet.

Image via krisjaus.

CU images via Ricky Brigante.


Snow White's Scary Adventures, released December 4, 2010 during an artist event at Disneyland's Disneyana Shop. Includes two interchangeable interior ride scene inserts--Snow White on the stairs and the Old Witch holding the apple over her cauldron. Dopey is riding in mine car in both. A removable back castle wall allows you to view the individual scene. The Evil Queen appears in the front upper window when lighted. Light switch is activated by pressing miniature fire hydrant. Powered by batteries or AC adapter. Sculpt dimensions: approximately 8.5" wide x 8" deep and 4.25" high. Original retail: $295. Later listed online at the Disney Store in May 2013.

Images via squarebiz99.

For those who purchased their piece at Disneyland on the first day of release, they also received a gold premiere event plaque.


A Princess Accessory Pack was also created. Snow White was included along with Cinderella, Belle, Aurora and Prince Philip. Retail $32.

Learn more about Olszewski's Disneyland miniatures:

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