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1987 Olszewski Goebel Miniatures + Cottage Displays

In 1987, Goebel produced a series of miniature Snow White bronze figurines by artist Robert Olszewski. They were marketed as part of The Disney Collection, a service of Grolier Enterprises. The original set was issued as a 50th Anniversary limited edition of 19,500, sold by mail for $57.50 per individual piece. It included Snow White, at approximately 1.25" tall, and all of the Seven Dwarfs, average height .75". The metal figures are painted and glazed to accord a look and feel of fine porcelain.

Robert Olszewski's signature can be found on many pieces found online, probably signed at an artist release event.

Certificate of Authenticity.

The bottom of each is marked with a Collection Number, S-1 to S-8.

Sneezy. S-1 (Design Mark 161-P) + Doc. S-2 (162-P) + Sleepy. S-3 (163-P).

Happy. S-4 (164-P).

Bashful. S-5 (165-P) + Grumpy. S-6 (166-P) + Dopey. S-7 (167-P).

Additional images via Replacements.

Snow White. S-8 (168-P).

Sold separately, the figures came in small velvet-lined hinged cases, which in turn were packaged inside blue paperboard boxes--both marked with The Disney Collection logo..

A few years later, as more characters were introduced to the series, the boxes changed to white.


As noted on the Robert Olszewski website, a "Cozy Cottage" display with glass dome was available. Item no. 941-D. Dimensions: 5.5" x 4.5". Round slots are recessed into the piece for placement of the individual figures.


Another cottage display entitled, "House in the Woods". Measures 5.5" tall x 8" wide. Item no. 944-D.

The figures and cottage were pictured in the Grolier Fall 1987 Disneyana Collector quarterly newsletter. The ceramic display, a retail value of $150, could be had for the same price as one figure, $57.50.

Newsletter image courtesy of TokyoMagic! of Meet the World.


In 1990, the Snow White figure series would be expanded and marketed under the Goebel Miniatures "Marquee Classics" brand. A 1991 12-page brochure can be seen on the Robert Olszewski website. A few sample pages...

The Prince was issued in 1990; the Queen and Witch figurines came along a couple years later. See them in the next post.

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