Saturday, November 19, 2016

2003-06 Olszewski Story-Time Minatures

From 2003-2006, Harmony Ball Company became the distributors of the Story-Time miniatures by Robert Olszewski. Part of the Disney Showcase Collection. Each a limited edition. Made from cast pewter, bronze and resin combinations.

The Goodbye Kiss. Part No. OSDC-53. Style Mark No. 114. Release: 2003. Limited: 3500. Dimensions: 3.75" tall x 5.125" wide.

Bravest of Them All. Part No. OSDC-56. Style Mark No. 122. Release: 2004. Limited: 1500. Dimensions: 3" tall x 2.75" wide.

The Fairest One of All. Part No. OSDC-67. Style Mark No. 134. Release: 2004. Limited: 1500. Dimensions: 5.25" tall x 3" wide.

Night of Fun. Part No. OSDC-71. Style Mark No. 137. Release: 2004. Limited: 1500. Dimensions: 4" tall x 5" wide.

Upbeat Dopey. Part No. OSDC-81. Style Mark No. 170. Release: 2005. Limited: 1500. Dimensions: 2" tall x 2.75" wide.

Everything's Going To Be Alright. Part No. OSDC-91. Style Mark No. 180. Release: 2006. Limited: 1500. Dimensions: 4.1" tall x 4.6" wide.

The pieces in the collection from 2000-2002 can be seen in the previous post.

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