Sunday, November 27, 2016

"Whistle While You Work" 8mm Home Movies

The Dwarfs' Dilemma (previous post), was the first in a series of 8mm films issued by Walt Disney Home Movies in 1969 to early '80s. The collection featured excerpts from the animated and live action motion pictures. A second Snow White title--no. 42 Whistle While You Work--was first released c.1976 in the super 8 format.


Video posted by apgvideo samples

Italy - COLOR, SOUND. The audio is from the 1972 soundtrack redub.

France - B/W, SOUND. The audio is from the 1962 soundtrack redub.

France - COLOR, SOUND.

Images and info courtesy of Nunziante Valoroso Collection. Additional images courtesy of Greg Philip at A Lost Film.

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