Sunday, November 6, 2016

1990-92 Olszewski Goebel Miniatures - Display Pieces

In the early '90s, several Robert Olszewski display pieces were issued by Goebel to accompany their 1987 and 1990-92 bronze Snow White figures. The first to be released was The Wishing Well in 1990. Design mark 969-D. Item no. 63-1479.

Example of a felt bottom piece and another with a smooth-surface.

Original box.

Figures and dome sold separately.


1991, The Castle Courtyard. Design mark 981-D. Item No. 63-1495. The front courtyard was designed with a round space for placement of the Wishing Well. Both the well display and bronze figures were sold separately.

Foil sticker and original box.


1992, Path in the Woods. Design mark 996-D. Item no. 63-1520. Dimensions: 6" tall x 8" x 5.5".


  1. Wow, these are beautiful! You find lots of amazing stuff I never knew about. :-)

    1. Thanks Sheryl. Robert Olszewski is a master of the miniatures. Truly detailed and spectacular pieces.