Saturday, November 5, 2016

1990-92 Olszewski Goebel Miniatures - Prince, Queen, Witch

The series of 1987 Snow White Goebel Miniatures by Robert Olszewski was expanded in 1990 with the introduction of the Prince.

As with the earlier figurines, this one was made of bronze, then painted and glazed to look like porcelain. Measures approximately 1.75" tall. Design Mark 170-P. Item no. 61-2515. Olszewski's signature is sometimes found on these pieces, probably signed at a promotional event.

1990 markings on bottom.

Original blue box.

The same figurine continued to be produced in subsequent years. This one was released in 1993 and came in an updated white box.


In 1992, both the Queen (182-P) and Witch (183-P) were added to the collection. They measure approximately 1.75" and 1.375" respectively.

Additional images via Replacements.

Original white boxes.

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