Monday, November 7, 2016

1994 Goebel Miniatures - Snow White Series

In 1994, long-time miniatures artist Robert Olszewski left Goebel due to health reasons. This series of Snow White figurines was produced that same year. As a result, none of the pieces bare his name. Hand-painted resin. Made in South Korea. Original retail price $60 each (except for "Snow White on Balcony" at $90).


Design Mark 451-C. Measures approximately 1.625" tall.

Additional images via fantasiescometrue.



Design Mark 452-C. Measures about 1.875".


"Snow White and Happy"

Design Mark 453-C. Measures 1.5" tall.

Additional image via fantasiescometrue.


"Snow White on Horse"

Design Mark 454-C. Approximately 2.25" tall.


"Snow White on Balcony"

Design Mark 455-C. Sold at the 1994 Disneyana Convention and then the same year through the Disney Store. Measures 4.25" high x 3" across.

Disneyana Convention bottom with sticker and the Disney Store version.

Original box.

Special thanks to Elana Sperber for sharing the Balcony images.

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