Friday, November 18, 2016

2000-06 Olszewski Story-Time Postcards

Promotional postcards from Disney Showcase Collection for the Story-Time miniature figurine series, created by the Robert Olszewski studio. One card for every piece released from 2000 to 2006. Includes an image of the figurine, its name, item number, release date, edition size, issue price, dimensions, and a short story blurb. Postcards measure standard 4" x 6".

2000 (August) Ever After.

2000 (September) Cleaning House.

2001 (spring) Kiss of the Dove and Sealed with a Kiss.

2001 (summer) Time to Wash.

2001 (summer) Buried Alive.

2002 (winter) Take a Bite.

2002 (summer) Going Home.

2003 The Goodbye Kiss.

2004 Bravest of Them All.

2004 The Fairest One of All.

2004 Night of Fun.

2005 Upbeat Dopey.

2006 Everything's Going To Be Alright.

Booklets were produced to house the Snow White postcard collection and other Disney character series as well. Protective plastic covering.

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