Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Gallery of Light Boxes by Olszewski

In 2007, when artist Robert Olszewski (pronounced "o-SHEV-ski") first created his Gallery of Light series for Disney, manufactured by Enesco. The first Snow White box was issued in November of that year and retailed for $65. The Diamond Mine was next in April 2009 ($90). Going Home, April 2011 ($95). Evil Queen at Mirror, December 2012 ($95).

In 2012, the designs started being reproduced through the Walt Disney Company itself. They were sold at the North American theme parks, with select pieces also showing up at the Disney Store website.

Three of the four Snow White designs have been seen online for a number of months. Each is a sculptured miniature scene with dramatic lighting. Ornate gold foil frame with black matte box and glass window. Hidden leaf switch at bottom right of frame illuminates the 3D scene with LED lights. Can be placed on shelf or hung on wall. Each is hand-painted, made of resin. Measurements: 4.5'' H x 4'' W x 3.625'' D. Requires 3 x AAA batteries.

A Kiss for Dopey, current Disney Store price $85.00.

Item No. 7509055890210P.

Stock images copyright Disney.

Diamond Mine, not found on the Disney Store website.

Going Home, $95.00.

Item No. 7509055890205P.

Evil Queen at the Mirror, $95.00.

Item No. 7509055890255P.

Additional image via drj1828.


  1. I have Snow White kissing Dopey and the diamond mine. I LOVE this collection.

    1. I agree Max. Robert Olszewski is the master of miniature sculptures.

  2. I've seen some of these at Disneyland, and really love them. They are almost like miniature Emporium windows. I was *this close* to buying the one with the Hitchhikiing Ghosts, but chickened out at the last second.

    1. There's just something about shining a light on miniatures that are placed in a tiny diorama-like's really kind of magical. Reminds me of visiting the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago as a kid. They had tiny diorama settings of early Native American villages, and I would lose myself back in time in my imagination.

  3. Last night at Disneyland I just brought the hitchhiking ghost I saw the other ones too I wanted all but I just got one lol