Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2016 Snow White PVC Figures + Disney Princess Castle Play Set

Snow White Figure Fashion Set. Created especially for Walt Disney World and Disneyland, but it also appeared online at the Disney Store in early February. Includes Snow White, Squirrel and Rabbit figures, plus additional dress and chore bucket. Coordinates with the Disney Princess Castle Play Set (below), sold separately. Figures made from plastic. Up to 3.75'' H. Retail $12.95.

Item No. 7512055890122P.

Snow White Deluxe Figure Fashion Set. Sold at the US theme parks and at Disney Store. Includes Snow White, Prince, Grumpy, Dopey and Doc figures, plus two additional dresses. $19.95.

Item No. 7512055890121P.

Disney Princess Castle Play Set. Includes Cinderella and Aurora. Press left ''stone'' at front gate to hear royal fanfare music and sounds. Press right ''stone'' to see and hear light-up simulated fireworks show. Requires 4 x AA batteries. $79.95.

Item No. 7512055890031P. 

Stock images copyright Disney.


  1. They got the dwarfs right, but Snow looks weird. I know I've talked about this before, but it is surprising how often modern depictions of the little princess don't look quite like the 1937 animated version - the proportions are a little off or something. I think they make her look older than she did in the film. Or am I crazy? Meanwhile, I love the prince's giant grin.

    1. You're not wrong Major. Many modern depictions of Snow White don't seem to get it quite right. This one is definitely off. I think the Prince may have just won the lotto.