Friday, March 11, 2016

Seven Dwarfs Desk Accessories Set

In 1999, a collection of Seven Dwarfs desk accessories was available from the Disney Catalog. A five-piece set could be purchased which included a Dopey tape dispenser, Sneezy memo pad holder, Sleepy stapler, Bashful paper clip holder, and a Grumpy business card holder. Retail $49. In addition, two more components were sold separately--a Happy address card holder for $20 and a Doc pencil cup holder (with quartz clock) for $26. All pieces made of resin. If you wanted the complete set of seven, it could be had for $85.

Dopey Tape Dispenser

The desk set was advertised as a Disney Catalog exclusive. However, we can see from the labels on the bottom of these two different Dopey dispensers that they were available at the Disney theme parks as well.

Sneezy Memo Pad Holder

Sleepy Stapler

Bashful Paper Clip Holder

Grumpy Business Card Holder

Happy Address Card Holder

Doc Pencil Cup Holder (with quartz clock)

The desk accessories appeared in the Holiday 1999 Disney Catalog as well as the Holiday 2000 edition. And here it is again in the 2001 catalog. On the opposite page, we see additional items including a Seven Dwarfs Personalized Stationary Set ($12.95), a Mouse Pad ($14.95), and Address Labels (200/$12.95; 400/$14.95).

Special thanks to Dan Alexander Dizmentia for his assistance with this post and for supplying the catalog image scans.


  1. The sculpts are really excellent... on model and very appealing!

    1. Yeah, they did a nice job with this particular set.

  2. I have this set but have no idea how to change the battery on Doc. My box, which I picked up at Disney, came with zero instructions. Anyone know? Thanks in advance.

    1. We don't own this piece. Not sure about that. Does the clock pop out of the depression?