Thursday, January 26, 2012

Commemorative Pins (70th Anniversary - 2007)

Snow White's 70th was well represented in the pin department. These two spinners, of Snow and the Dwarfs, are both limited editions of 1000 and were released during at the November 16th DCA event. Original retail price $12.95 (USD) each.


Snow White Spinner via of Tiggerandpals and TheToyMart.


Dwarf Spinner from personal collection.


A 70th Anniversary event-only pin was also released. Limited edition of 500. Original retail price $8.95.

Image courtesy of Disney Pins and Charms. Used with permission.

Concept Art for pin.


Again from Disneyland Resort, this limited edition set of 1000 was also released November 16, 2007. Original price $75.00.

Set images courtesy of Pete over at pjlmbk. Used with permission.


This Disneyland Resort cast member pin reads: "70th Anniversary Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." The back has the official pin trading logo and is stamped with "Cast Exclusive Limited Edition 500 ©Disney China." Original retail price $8.00.

The pin came on a card printed with the film title on the left side and the 70th Anniversary shield in the center. Below it reads:
Created in celebration of the 70th anniversary of Walt Disney's landmark masterpiece "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," this Cast Member exclusive pin was inspired by an original movie poster by B. Laney used for the French release of the film in 1938.

Concept Art


Walt Disney World released this limited edition pin of 1500 on the actual anniversary date of the film, December 21st. It has the usual back-stamp markings. Artwork for this pin was created by Disney Design Group Artist Rachael Sur. Original retail price $8.95.

Images from personal collection.


This 3" jumbo was sold through the Disney Store. Released November 19, 2007, the pin was limited to just 500. Original retail price $14.95.

Image via Pin Pics.

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