Saturday, May 25, 2013

1994-95 Lladró Snow White Figurines

In 1994, Spain-based Lladró produced a glazed-finish sculpture of Snow White holding a songbird. The piece stands approximately 9" high and was created specifically to be sold at the Disney theme parks. Retail price $295.

Lladro Item # 01007555.

The bottom is signed by the sculptor, Francisco Polope. It also has a special event stamp from its release at "A Magical Evening - October 13th 1994." A collectors wristwatch commemorating this night was available to patrons. The figure was retired in 1998.

Sculpts of all of the dwarfs were produced in 1994 too, each measuring between 5.5" and 6.25" tall. Individual pieces were priced at $175 except for Doc and Happy. These two cost $195, possibly because of their slightly larger size. Retired 1998.

The figurines were seen the following year on the back cover of the 1995 Walt Disney Gallery Catalog.

Catalog scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.


Also featured in the catalog and complimenting the Snow White collection was another sculpture by artist Francisco Polope--the highly detailed Wishing Well. Retail $1500. Measures 12.25" high. Issued 1995; retired 1998.

Lladro Item # 01007558.

A special release event was held at  Walt Disney World (and possibly Disneyland). Bottom imprint reads: "A Magical Evening - May 26, 1995." It's signed by the company owner J.J. Lladró.

Snow White and Wishing Well images via Cherished Collectables.

A couple of promotional items were available that night, both with the May 26, 1995 date. The first is a collectors watch that is inscribed on the back with "Walt Disney World Resort". A commemorative pin was also available, though no theme park is specified.

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