Thursday, November 20, 2014

1960s Carnival Candy Corn 'Snow White' Cards

A series of 24 Disney trading cards were issued in Australia circa late 1960s. They were available in packets of GFC Carnival Candy Corn. Each measures approximately 6cm x 4.5cm. Officially licensed by the "© WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS" as noted along the bottom front.

Card #8 Snow White.

The series also included the Seven Dwarfs. Card #7 is Dopey. The rest are #13-18.

Card backs are numbered and named.

A couple other character cards in the series...

Images and info courtesy of Cheryl Ridge.

The complete set: 1. mickey mouse 2. donald duck 3. pluto 4. goofy 5. minnie mouse 6. daisy duck 7. dopey 8. snow white 9. huey 10.  [not yet found--probably dewey] 11. louie 12. scrooge mcduck 13. doc 14. happy 15. grumpy 16. bashful 17. sleepy 18. sneezy 19. tinker bell 20. jiminy cricket 21.  [not yet found] 22. cinderella 23. bambi 24. thumper

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