Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snow White Pepsi Bottle Caps from Mexico

Pepsi issued a series of Disney bottle caps in Mexico, circa 1970s. It appears there were 80 numbered caps in all. The imprint reads, "© Walt Disney Productions." Snow White, the Dwarfs, and Witch were among those included in the collection. Most names are printed in Spanish. The caps have plastic liners.

Blanca Nieves #31

Bruja #32

Estornudo #33; Gruñón #34

Doc #35; Tímido #36

Dormilón #37; Feliz #38

Tontin #39

The series started with Donald and Daisy Duck at #1 and #2 and went up to at least #79 and #80 with his pals from Three Caballeros.

Images via neonladybug.


  1. These are so awesome!! Thank you for sharing!

    1. You're welcome. They do make for a nice collection.