Sunday, November 9, 2014

1975 Disneyland Snow White & Dopey Figurine

The classic goodbye kiss from Snow White to Dopey; collector Rick Payne purchased this figurine at Disneyland back in 1975. It's made of bisque porcelain--almost like one of the old vintage figures that were produced in the late 1930s. The same material was used for the Disney "Magic Memories" pieces from Grolier in the 1970s (future post). The figurine measures about 6.5" tall x 7" long x 4" deep. Made in Japan.

Oops! Someone must have been a bit "dizzy" during the manufacturing process because the bottom is marked, © Walt "Disey" Productions.

Figurine images and information courtesy of Rick Payne of dadric's attic.

Snow has kissed Dopey goodbye often over the years. Here's just a small sampling:

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