Saturday, November 22, 2014

Snow White Sewing Machine by E.M. Gheysens

The only Disney-licensed Snow White sewing machine ever to be manufactured was produced during the 1950s by E.M. Gheysens in partnership with the Straco Toy Company. Extremely rare, this children's miniature machine is from the "Little Betty" series made in Kent, England. Model No. W4D. The box measures 18cm x 24cm and 12.5cm deep.

On the illustrated box cover, we see Snow White working away on a pair of Dwarf pants. Sewing machine expert, Alex Askaroff, points out that the princess..."was so clever that she could sew with the sewing machine the wrong way round, sitting behind it using her left hand."

This Snow White model was a curved-top Midinette.

The side panel from the box shows a square design machine.

Images and information generously provided by Alex Askaroff of Sewalot.
Additional pics via Catawiki and Stacey's Auctions.

Just before Straco ended their involvement with toy sewing machines...
...they made a last ditch attempt to resurrect their market with a collaboration with Disney. [The Snow White models] are the last of the Little Betty sewing machines. ALEX ASKAROFF



Here's a few additional images courtesy of the Mim McCormack Collection. Both the Midinette and the square model are pictured. The boxes are the same for each. Mim bought the square machine from a lady who had had it as a child. Note that they still have their original cotton reels too!

Close-up on the square model.


  1. I have both versions of the snow white sewing machine the 'midinette' and the square shaped version, shown on the side of the box, both with their Snow White transfers and both boxed

    1. Hi Mim, Wow that's wonderful! I would love to post pictures of your machines and boxes, especially the square-shaped version, but also the other one too since the photos I have aren't very large.

      Would you be interested in snapping some large, clear photos? I would certainly credit you in the blog post. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, you can reach me via email link on the profile page: