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1948/1958 Ingersoll-US Time Snow White & Dopey Watches

In 1948, a Dopey watch was issued by Ingersoll/U.S. Time as part of the Disney 10-piece "Birthday Series"--a collection of children's wristwatches celebrating Mickey Mouse's 20th anniversary. Manual wind. "© W.D.P." See the Timex year 2000 reproduction in an earlier post.

The other characters featured in the series are pictured on the lid of the original box.

Images via Heritage Auctions.

A store display showing all of the watches in the collection. Original retail price $6.95 each.

Store display via Hakes.


About a decade later, circa 1958, a watch was released that featured only the Snow White name, with no character images. It was part of a series that also included Cinderella, Alice, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck.

The watch was sold boxed with a Snow White figurine display, approximately 5" tall. Two versions of the statue were available--one was made from glazed ceramic and later releases were molded plastic. The ceramic figures are seen in these pages from a 1960 Bingham catalog and a 1962-63 Gift Book Co. catalog. Original retail price $6.95. See these ceramic figures in a future post.

And here they are pictured with a couple store displays.

All catalog pages via gdawg. Second display image via pezdudewelch.

In this 1968 Sears catalog page, we see the price has gone up to $7.95 per watch.

A second wristwatch with a Snow White figurine display was also issued. An image of both Dopey and Snow White shared the watch face. Approximately 1" in diameter. "Walt Disney Production."

The molded plastic Snow White statuette.

Both the ceramic and plastic figures appear in Ted Hake's Official Price Guide to Disney Collectibles, 2nd edition, 2007 (p. 856) and also in Collecting Comic Character Clocks and Watches by Howard S. Brenner, 1987 (p. 103).

The original packaging featured a different graphic design on each side panel. It also came with an outer paperboard protective cover.

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