Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2012 Disney Store Plush Dwarfs + 2012-13 Snow

Both a Dopey and Grumpy plush doll were released in North America at the Disney Store on Jan 6, 2012. They measure approximately 11" tall and have weighted feet so they can stand on their own. Sold separately, the original retail price was $12.50 (USD) or two for $20. They're currently on sale for just $8.

Disney Store Item No. 1261000441649P
Stock images copyright Disney.

Disney Store Item No. 1261000441650P

One of the cool things about these guys is that they go well with the Snow White 21" plush from 2011 (see earlier post). Here they are all together in a photo from drj1828...

But where, you may ask, are the rest of the dwarfs? They're currently available at the UK Disney Store.

And so is a Snow White that appears slightly different from its North American counterpart. The dolls looks similar except, in this stock photo, the United Kingdom Snow doesn't display the 3 gold zigzag lines down the front of her bodice, plus her hair bow is off to one side. Yet in the group photo below, she is identical to the doll found in the States. Will the real UK Snow White please stand up?

Snow White 52cm Soft Toy Doll. Retail price: £16.00 (GBP).
Disney Store Item No. 412020641963P

The UK dwarfs are all remarkably expressive for being plush dolls. Each measures approximately 25cm and retails for £14.00.


Disney Store Item No. 412022154911P

Dopey and Grumpy...

Item Nos. 412022154751P and 412022154263P

Happy and Bashful...

Item Nos. 412022155413P and 412022155093P

Sleepy and Sneezy...

Item Nos. 412022155253P and 412022155178P

UPDATE: The UK version of Snow White did appear on the US site in late 2012 /early 2013. Measures 21". Retail $19.50...

US Disney Store Item No. 1262000440028P.


  1. Oh my gosh, I don't normally go for Grumpy all that much, but his beard looks so fluffy and huggable here!

    1. I'd have to say these are the best looking plush dwarfs I've ever seen. The beards are fun, the facial expressions are believable (not always true with plush dolls), and the collar on Dopey's jacket is just too cool.