Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1993 Dwarfs Bus Stop Poster

This Seven Dwarfs poster was recently sold online by Matt of Vintage Disney Alice in Wonderland. He was thinning down his collection and listed a few cool items on ebay. I took a shot at it but was outbid in the end.

The poster dates from the 1993 US theatrical release of the film. Measures approximately 4' x 6'. Here's what Matt had to say about it...
These were strictly issued for display in bus shelters. They are made of a very thick coated paper that is weather resistant. The image may have been used on other promotional material, but this specific poster style and size only appeared in shelters.

I got mine in LA in 1993, I had a friend who worked for the maintenance company that services the shelters in Los Angeles County, and he would get posters for me when they were switched out.

July 2. At Theatres Everywhere


In this second example, the poster is identical to the one above except for the slightly lower placement of the text along the bottom.

Additional image via Heritage Auctions.

This same Dwarf illustration reappeared in 2001 on one of the DVD home video Gift-With-Purchase pins.


  1. I remember those! They always made me smile when I drove by.

  2. I could have sworn I saw this poster at bus stop when it was re-released on dvd in 2009. Hope they keep using this poster when SW gets re-released again. It's such a cute picture.

    1. Really? I'll check around and see if I can learn more about this in 2009. I'd certainly like to include it here if we can can confirm it with a photo.

  3. I just found mine's rolled up in a corner, I have it unrolled on the floor very colorful poster.