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2011 Princess Designer Collection - Snow White Doll

The crown jewels of artist Steve Thompson's 2011 Disney Princess Designer Collection were the ten high-fashion collector dolls. The Disney marketing plan was to release a new limited edition doll every Monday, starting with Cinderella on August 22nd of last year. Retail price was $59.50 (USD) each, limit two per customer. Edition sizes varied depending on the princess.

Demand was high and dolls sold out quickly. Cinderella was followed by Ariel, Belle and Mulan. Then on September 19th, the Snow White doll was announced and all hell broke loose.

It was released both in Disney Stores and online. The traffic load on the Snow White doll page was so high that the site came unglued. Customers who thought they'd successfully purchased their princess were later informed of the bad news.

Here's the Disney Store blog explanation and apology...
Due to the overwhelming demand for the Disney Princess Designer Doll Collection, experienced a system malfunction and the limited edition Snow White doll was oversold. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and recognize that this did not meet the high quality guest service that our Guests have come to expect from Disney Store. To ensure a Magical guest experience in the future, we have delayed the release of the next Designer Doll, as we reevaluate our process to ensure that all guests have a fair opportunity to purchase these highly coveted dolls. -Jim Fielding, President of Disney Stores Worldwide (Posted by Sarah Quon, Official Disney Store Blogger, September 19, 2011 1:00 PM.)

Yikes! People were pissed as many came away from the experience empty-handed.

Here's a look at the doll that created all the commotion. Snow White wears a "halter style dress with shirred bust and blue rhinestone detailing on bodice" with full skirt and flowing cape. Stands 11.5" tall. Limited edition of 6000. Made of plastic/polyester.

Item No. 6070040900127P

Features dramatic make-up, rooted eyelashes, and red jeweled bow headband.

Accented with white gloves and an apple-shaped rhinestone-studded clutch.

Sold in a "keepsake" display case with slipcover.

Stock images copyright Disney Store

Limit two per customer.

Additional images courtesy of drj1828. Used with permission.

Certificate of Authenticity.

Video review of the Snow White doll (in Portuguese)...

Video posted by DisneyCollectorBR

Many customers at the "brick-n-mortar" Disney Stores walked away disappointed too. Limited numbers of dolls were available and not everyone who waited in line would get one. But for those who did, they may also have picked up this Designer Collection gift bag. Made to fit the doll display case, it was never sold online or in store. Only those near the front of the line were given them, to carry their dolls home in. Features images of all 10 princesses, five to a side.

Once the dust had settled, the Disney Store tried to appease customers in regards to the remaining five dolls by posting a blog update. Here's an excerpt...
Dear Disney Store Guests:

Quantities of these dolls are very limited, and we realize that not everyone will be able to get the doll of their choice even with a new process in place. Our aim is to increase the chances of as many of our Guests as possible to obtain the dolls that they are seeking. Therefore we have updated our release plans as follows:

We will now release for purchase all 5 remaining Disney Princess Designer Dolls: Tiana, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Pocahontas on one date in Stores on 10/17/11.

We will then have a release of all 5 Disney Princess Designer Dolls: Tiana, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Pocahontas, the following day on 10/18/11.

We will be limiting the purchase to one doll per Princess, per Purchasing Guest. This limit applies both in-store and at NOTE: Purchasing Guests are Guests present at Store age 17 and older.

We will implement a line queue and ticketing procedure (first come, first served) in Stores on the release date and the dolls will be sold at store opening.

Guests that are not successful in obtaining the Princess Doll of their choice at the Stores will be able to try on 10/18/11 at

Now for a look at the entire collection.

Image courtesy of drj1828.

A video showcase of the ten...

Video posted by chelster7533

And this hilarious dollMAGEDDON documentation of what happened online when the last 5 dolls were released...

Video posted by



  1. Man, I had no idea that there was such a demand for Disney princess dolls! Maybe next time increase the "limited run" to 500? Meanwhile, I want to see the machine that makes hundreds of itty-bitty wigs.

    1. I want to see that machine too! It'd make a cool post.

      Disney has been on overdrive with their doll production of late...which means they must have struck gold. I will have at least 6 to 7 more posts before the end of this year devoted to just catching up on all the SW vinyl dolls that have been produced over the past 24 months. They're making me work at this. :)

  2. These dolls are really something, especially Snow White! I'm sure the Disney Store had no idea what they were in for!!! Great post Robert :)

    1. Yes, I'm sure even they were surprised by the amount of response. Wonder how things will go with this year's Villains Collection? :)

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