Sunday, July 5, 2015

1938 Snow White Jingle Club - Contest Cards

In the previous Archive entry, we learned about the 1938 Jingle Club contest and booklet in which the Jingle Cards would be pasted. Contest participants would find the full-color cards (printed on thin paper) inside specially marked loaves of Snow White bread. Collect all 24 and complete the four-line jingles in the book to receive a prize.

Two Jingle Cards featuring Happy and Doc, distributed by Vogelman's Bakery (based in Missouri). Sandwich recipes were included on the back.

A couple more bread cards with recipes on the back. No bakery name.

This set of cards was sold through Heritage Auctions.

An uncut sheet of all 24 cards.

More card backs with assorted bread-related recipes.

A red and black single-tone set of cards was issued too, listed here on page 835 of Hake's 2007 Official Price Guide to Disney Collectibles (2nd ed.). Also pictured is a series of 24 waxed paper strips, each with one of the four-line verses. Possibly used by some bakeries as substitutes to the paper picture cards.

While mainly promoted by bakeries, Jingle cards were also utilized by laundries. Learn more about this in a future post.

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